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Blue Room IT Limited is located near Camberley, close to the M3. We focus on web design that gets you found with a great user experience. We also provide ongoing support, which has led to us designing websites and supplying web hosting for a diverse range of business types in Surrey.

Website Design in Hampshire with WordPress
Our 6 Top Web Design Tips

Yes website design in Camberley is our business. We created this page to show you how good we are at attracting new business traffic to websites. Let’s face it you found this page. So if you want to find out how we got you here we dare you to read more. 


We did some keyword research and found that the phrase WEBSITE DESIGN CAMBERLEY gets a number of searches each month of which you are probably one.


We created an appealing headline which you saw on the search results page. Which stood out from the rest and tempted you to click to this page. So did we do that?


We optimised the headline on the search results page to match the content here with the right use of the targeted phrase. Which we have mentioned enough now.


Web Design in Camberley

Are looking for a web design agency that can build you a website that actually gets found? Websites that attract regular new business customers is our goal. Why not find out how we do it. Let’s have a casual chat to see if we fit. Get in touch to book your:


Added the second headline above 'WEB DESIGN IN CAMBERLEY' which gets some more searches each month. Now Google understand this page.


We added a call to action after the second headline, plus a nice big button to make it easy for you to start the ball rolling.


Use a short, easy form for your your potential customers to complete. The less fields the better, no one likes filling in forms. Plus a clickable phone number.

What Next?

So in summary, it is not about just the design. Yes the look and feel must match your brand. Vitally important is your website getting regular traffic and providing those potential customers with a great user experience. If you found this interesting and would like to find out how we can help you please get in touch. You may also like to have a look at some of the other services we offer including search engine optimisation and Google Ads management.