Top Tips on Website Telephone Number Placement

I have recently come across a number of badly designed websites from so-called design agencies, website designers, and digital marketing companies who do not even consider the importance of or the placement of your telephone number into consideration.

Many agencies simply buy a template and adapt it to fit your business image, add a bit of fancy design, and sell it to you for £1000’s when it only cost them £60 to buy. Many of these templates have a header section that does not include the telephone number, or it does but vanishes on a mobile device. It’s unlikely you will even know this, as these companies will not share this fact with you. Have a look at your own website now.

Here are my tips.

  • Make sure your telephone number is visible at the top of your page on all devices eg. desktops, tablets, and especially mobile phones.
  • Do not hide your telephone number in the footer or simply on your contact page, you do not want potential customers having to hunt for it. They may just give up and move on.
  • Do not use a clickable button instead of showing the actual number. Showing your number builds trust and shows you have nothing to hide, it will also encourage more calls than a button.
  • Make sure your telephone number is clickable on all devices especially on mobile and tablet. There is no point in any potential callers having to write it down or flip between screens and then go back into their mobile keypad to type and dial you.
  • Why should your number be clickable on a desktop? Business owners are starting to use software that allows them to call you straight from their PC using VoIP systems and headsets now.

If this rings a bell with you then maybe you should consider a change of provider and good hard look at your website, if this simple fact is not dealt with what else has the company who built your website not done.

Ask yourself this question is your website actually getting found, and if it is are you getting regular leads from it?


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