Why You Need A Responsive Website in 2018

You Do Need A Responsive Website!

If you haven’t already got a mobile friendly website you need to get on top of it right now. In fact it would of been better to have done it in 2015, why?

In April 2015 Google launched an update rewarding mobile friendly websites and penalising any that were not. When I say mobile friendly it needs to be able to adapt to be viewed any number of different devices including tablets and smart phones, if not your business website could see a meaningful drop in search engine rankings.

Its now 2018 and not only does it need to be mobile it needs to be responsive, having a separate mobile website is now a no no. Why because Google’s algorithm is now ranking mobile first. Also unless you are a strong business to business company most of your website interactions are likely to be via a smart phone or a tablet.

Mobile Friendly Website

You can test your website with Google’s handy little tool here by clicking this link.