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Why Use Google Ads?

Google Ads is incoming marketing as opposed to outgoing marketing. Inbound meaning, to attract customers that are actively searching for your service or product. Most importantly they are normally ready to buy.

Google Ads can be accurately targeted. For example, at locations down to postcodes, this is especially useful for any local business wanting to attract local customers. Times can also be targeted including days and or hours.

Irrelevant searches can be excluded using Negative Keywords. A simple example would be using the negative keywords Face & Cake for a Painter & Decorator. This would avoid ads showing for Face Painters & Cake Decorators, as these would not be wanted.

You can also only show ads for Exact Match Keywords or generalise with Phrase Match Keywords or combinations.

You can track interactions including email requests and telephone calls. So you can monitor return on investment almost immediately.

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  • If set up correctly Google Ads is one of the best tools for lead generation. It will enable you to attract extremely targeted traffic to your website.
  • With Google Ads you only pay when you get results. You pay when someone clicks on your ad.
  • A campaign will include both relevant keywords and negative keywords. This means you will only be paying for good prospects.
  • When a search is done on Google it normally means they are looking for something right now. This enables you to get in front of prospects while they are in buying mode.
  • Locations can be targeted ensuring ads are only displayed to prospects in your markets area.
  • You can normally get your website on page 1 within hours of account activation.

This can be incorporated along side all other Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

Only agencies that are certified are allowed to display the Google Partner badge and be listed on the Google Partner search pages.

Choose us to run your Google Ads

If you want cost effective targeted new business leads? Google Ads is a highly measurable cost effective solution to get immediate results. Especially if you hire an experienced Google Partner to manage it for you.

Firstly, why did we become a Google Partner?
After applying to become a Google Partner, we have gained “Google’s Seal of Approval” as a qualified Google Ads agency. 

Why use a Google Partner to manage your PPC?
By choosing a Google Partner to manage your PPC campaigns, you’ll know you’re using an agency that has proven its effectiveness. The Partner badge is not easy to obtain, and you’ll know the company you’ve chosen to entrust your budget with is able to manage your campaign profitably.

How to become and stay a Google Partner

Become Certified
This means a member of our company must have passed two AdWords certification exams. AdWords Fundamentals plus Advanced Search or Advanced Display. These exams are not easy and need a good understanding of all aspects of account management. Individuals who have passed these exams will always strive to ensure that they’re able to get the most out of your advertising budget.

Use account best practices
Google monitors the accounts we manage to see if we are getting the most out of AdWords for our client accounts. Checks like the time we spend on client accounts and what changes we make to ensure the account is using current and new practices or developments. This may sound a bit over the top, but it really helps us to focus closely on client accounts making changes where necessary.

Manage a minimum client spend
All Google Partners must manage at least $10,000 or UK equivalent over 90 days across all client accounts. This ensures that we can handle spend, and are able to manage multiple client accounts.