Top 11 Mistakes DIY’s Make Managing Google Ads

Google Ads

1 Understanding their profit margins
You need to be clear on exactly how much you can afford to pay for a lead and understand the percentage of leads that convert to sales.

2 Understanding the different keyword match types
Google Ads accounts will default to the ‘broad match’ match type on set up unless you chose otherwise. This will trigger more search terms than you would normally want to show for. This could attract clicks and impressions for queries not relevant to your objectives.

3 Using the right keyword matches
There are three categories of keywords that every Google Ads advertiser should know, broad match, phrase match and exact match.

4 Forgetting to monitor their search queries
You can use the ‘Search Terms Report’ to identify negative keywords that you can add to your account to stop your adverts appearing for phrases that are not relevant.

5 Set up and leave their account to run unmanaged
This is the worst thing you can do. Your campaigns need to be managed regularly otherwise performance can deteriorate and costs increase.

6 Bidding for the number 1 position just because they want to be top of the search listings
By bidding for lower positions can lower the cost per click considerably, while still having the same click through rate with carefully constructed ads.

7 Forgetting to set up conversion tracking
You need to know how many enquiries you Google Ads campaigns are getting. If you do not no what conversions you get how can you measure your return on investment? Conversions could be telephone calls, email enquiries or actual sales for example.

8 Not using negative keywords
Using a negative keyword can exclude keywords that aren’t a good match for your product or service. This can lower your cost and increase your revenue. Negative keywords make it a lot easier to reach the most targeted customers, reduce your costs and boost your return on investment.

9 Bidding too much on popular search terms
These terms can that look like potential gold mines waiting to be tapped. But the truth is they could be a lost cause for most. They are saturated with your biggest competitors that have been advertising on those terms for years.

10 Setting an unrealistic budget
How can an account with lots of keywords, ad groups and campaigns on a shoestring budget work effectively? You get almost nothing spread across your account wasting all the effort setting up in the first place. By chance, you may get a few cheap conversions. Odds are, you won’t get anything worth while.

11 Poor keyword research
A common and perhaps deadliest Google Ads mistakes you can make is not doing keyword research thoroughly. Do not select keywords based on what you believe people are searching for, or based on what you would search. It is imperative to use professional tools such as Google’s Keyword Planner to find the right and relevant keywords. What is the point of bidding on a keyword that never converts and just wastes your budget.

Why You Should Hire A Google Ads Professional

If you think running a Google Adwords campaign is easy, then think again.

I have been lucky enough to spend a few days in one of Google’s London offices a while back on training boot camps, below is a list of what was covered. This was just the tip of the iceberg, I have to constantly update my knowledge as its always changing out there. I am proud to say that for some time now my company has been a certified Google partner.

Account Management

Campaign & Ad Group Management

Keyword, Language & Location Targeting

Ad Formats

Budgets & Bidding

Measurements & Optimisation

Managing Multiple Accounts

Performance, Profitability & Growth

So if you need some help managing your Google Ads account or to set up for the first time then you have come to the right place. We can start getting you targeted leads right now.

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