13 Questions we ask new web design customers

Researching your business and understanding the needs of your business will provide us with the tools to create the most successful website for you. Please answer the questions below in as much detail as possible.

1) What is the main objective of your website, what do you want it to achieve?

2) How do you want your business to be portrayed?

3) What is the most important message you would like to get across to your customers?

4) What are the four, most frequently asked questions from your customers?

5) Who are your target markets?

6) Are there any particular niche groups you would like to reach?

7) What is the most important part of your business?

8) Do you have any particular competitors?

9) What makes your business unique and how does your business stand out from your competition?

10) Where is your business placed in the marketplace e.g.

High end user / Expensive,

Mid range user /Average price,

Low end user / Budget?

11) How much of your business is generated from recommendations and referrals?

12) Can you list any websites that you particularly like and tell us what you like about them?

13) Do you have an existing logo and rights to the artwork?